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Ed’s Salsa Picante Italiana Hot Sauce

Ed’s brand of hot sauces is another brand of great hot sauces to come from beautiful Costa Rica.  Ed’s Salsa Picante Italiana Hot Sauce, made with red cayenne chili peppers, and the perfect blend of Italian herbs, olive oil, onion and garlic. This spicy sauce brings the unique taste of Italian cuisine, with spicy flavorful spices. You can put this hot sauce on everything to add an Italian flair to your cuisine.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): unknown

Hot Sauce Brand: Ed’s Hot Stuff Gourmet

Origin: Costa Rica

Hot Sauce Ingredients: Red cayenne peppers, Italian herbs, Onions, Garlic, Oil, Acetic Acid, Water, Salt, Red #40, Fresh ground peppers, Xanthan gum, and 0.1% Sodium benzonate.

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