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Tuong OT Chili Garlic Sauce Review

Hot Sauce Reviewed: Tuong OT Chili Garlic Sauce

Reviewed By: Naga Natalie, Chili Sauces Chief Taster

After discovering Sambal Oelek Chili Paste, I saw this jar of joy sitting on the shelf one day! I think, recalling correctly, I jumped with glee at the fact, one of my favorite hot sauces had a garlic other-half! I couldn’t think of a more beautiful marriage since Brad and Angelina Jolie joined forces!

Tuong OT Chili Garlic Sauce has all the salty hot goodness but with some good old garlic thrown into the mix! Hans (my spicy other half) loves this even better for cooking as he says he doesn’t have to chop up garlic, but just adds this sauce instead . .lazy if you ask me, as it means less for me to devour! ‘Sharing is caring’ I suppose (just wish it didn’t apply to hot sauces!)

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