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TABASCO Original Hot Sauce Review

Hot Sauce Reviewed: TABASCO Original Hot Sauce

Reviewed By: Naga Natalie, Chili Sauces Chief Taster

For me, this little bottle of hot sauce is where is all started. So much so I carried it wherever I went. Like most first loves though, it didn’t take me long until I realized there was hotter, tastier and stronger out there. And so onwards and upwards I went, leaving my little bottle of joy in the cupboard whilst I experimented with the bigger boys!

I still return to my old faithful and in fact have one of those jumbo bottles in my cupboard. I especially love to use TABASCO on salads. I replace my vinegar with TABASCO and add my various oils and spices to make my salad dressing and I feel that works perfectly.

You never can go wrong with TABASCO, and with over 140 years spicing up people food, they certainly have found the recipe to success!

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