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Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. Chili Barbeque Sauce Review

Hot Sauce Reviewed: Santa Cruz Chili & Co. Chili Barbeque Sauce

Reviewed By: Naga Nat, Chili Sauces Chief Taster

If there one thing (other than chilies) that I love, and that’s a good BBQ. Not only do I get a break from the kitchen (my man does the BBQing) but its the lovely fresh meats marinated and cooked well on the barbie! I’m lucky to live in a warm climate, where our winters drop to a minimum of about 20 degrees so there is always an occasion to BBQ.  With that though you can get a bit fussy and so the need to try out new marinades, sauces and dips does arise. Ahem . . meet my new BBQ favorite *drum roll* Santa Cruz Chili Barbecue Sauce.

To describe the flavor I would say an adult ketchup, with added onions and carrots to give it a richer flavor with a little sweetness. The spices Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. adds takes this bad boy to a whole other level. This BBQ hot sauce is finger lickin’ good! Its rich and tasty and goes perfect with all you BBQ meats! Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. claims this is their best seller, and I certainly second that notion!

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