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Dave’s Gourmet Ginger Peach Hot Sauce

‘A Peach of a Sauce!” is the slogan on the bottle Dave’s Gourmet Ginger Peach Hot Sauce.

Dave has created a hot sauce which has a slightly Asian taste followed by a touch of fruitiness and some  lovely heat to finish it off! The peach nectar and ginger really give this hot sauce a wonderful flavor. Dave’s Gourmet Ginger Peach Hot Sauce can literally put on most foods. Some even say it’s delicious on Ice Cream!

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 4,325

Hot Sauce Brand: Dave’s Gourmet Inc.

Origin: United States

Hot Sauce Ingredients: Water, peach nectar, ginger, red chiles, garlic, spices, xanthan gum

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