Hot Sauce of the Day

Frank’s RedHot Thick Sauce gives you all the same flavor as Frank’s RedHot Original Hot Sauce, but with a thinker and richer consistency for dipping, spreading and pouring. Made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers, Frank’s RedHot Thick Sauce adds a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavor to your favourite foods. Scoville Heat Units (SHU’s): unknown  […]

We all know Grandma Ethel puts the shit on everything, and who knew Ethel was such a wing lover? Frank’s RedHot Wings Hot Buffalo Sauce is a hotter version of Frank’s RedHot Wings Buffalo Hot Sauce especially for wing aficionados  who likes their buffalo sauce extra hot! You can use Frank’s RedHot Wings Hot Buffalo Sauce in a variety […]

Ass Kickin’ Dumb Ass Hot Sauce is a blend of habanero peppers and capsicum extract to produce a fast dry heat. This hot sauce is perfect for your Dumb Ass friend who thinks NOTHING is too HOT for him/her! Scoville Heat Units (SHU): unknown Hot Sauce Brand: Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauces – SouthWest Specialty Foods Inc  Origin: The […]

Ass Kickin Wasabi Horseradish Hot Sauce is a blend of Japanese wasabi horseradish blended with habanero and Jalapeno peppers that will bring a tear to your eye. This hot sauce has the Ass Kickin’ punch of a black belt! Each bottle of hot sauce comes with an Ass Kickin’ Horseradish Cheese Log’ recipe on the side of […]

Marie Sharp’s Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce is  made using the same ingredients as both their ‘world famous’ original Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce and Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce but with EVEN more habaneros than the Hot version. The result is a fiery pepper sauce but with the same flavors, taste and aromas. Marie Sharp’s Mild, Hot and Fiery Hot […]