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Our Roots

We are a team of highly qualified hot sauce lover experts! We don’t have a degree on the subject (last time I checked one didn’t exist) but years and years experience trying and testing any hot sauce we can get our hands on has allowed us to self award this title.

We make it, eat it, live it and breath the stuff (not literally as that would be rather painful) and now we have this wonderful website to share our passion with you.

We are constantly searching the globe for every single hot sauce that is out there. We’ve only just got started, but in time there wont be a sauce that we wont uncover to bring you the all information you need to know!

As we grow our directory of hot sauces, if you have a sauce that you would like us to include or review, please send us an email to hotstuff@chili-sauces.com

We look forward to creating the ultimate hot sauce guide for all you hot sauce fanatics out there.

Keeping it hot and happening,
The Chili Sauces Team