Fire Rating 5 – Hottest Hot Sauces (855,000 – 1,050,000 Scoville Heat Units)

Blair’s 2am Reserve Hot Sauce is the first in the line of Blair’s A.M Reserve products and is a much sought after product for chili-head collectors. The name originates from when Blair was in the bar business. 2 a.m. was the closing time and this was the closest thing to legal he could use to get the […]

This is one of the  daddys of all hot sauces! Mad Dog’s Revenge Habanero & Chile Extract  crams over 12 pounds of smokin’ hot peppers into this tiny 2oz bottle, delivering  a mind blowing explosion of pure hellish habanero flavor. Its a whooping 45o times HOTTER than TABASCO HOT Sauce! This little bottle comes heavly with […]